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The Tesla car is equipped with a large intuitive touch screen that control many vital functions. The touch screen is susceptible to oils, smudges and debris, and it is imperative that the screen is always clean and clear.  
Optikclear's proprietary all natural plant-based solution remove embedded stubborn debris, providing superior clarity and appearance. Alcohol base products are only limited to cleaning the lens or screens top layer surface.  
Optikclear provides several great features for all lens and screens. 
  • Quickly removes dust, fingerprints, sweat, grease, smudges and debris.
  • Restores clarity to lens and screen (eye-wear, camera, binocular lens, etc)     
  • Cleans plastic lens and screens such as; goggles, safety glasses, visors, and screen protectors.    
  • Removes cigarette smoke haze.
  • Safe for coated lens surfaces, including prescription and polarized lens.
  • Safe for cameras and binocular lens.
  • Pen style design makes it easy to transport in backpacks, tackle box, purses, and pockets for easy cleaning, no matter where you are.
  • Commercial airline TSA friendly.
  • No fumes or odors. Great for those with allergies or sensitive to chemicals. 

We are an approved Tesla Motors Club vendor, providing the best cleaning solution for the Tesla owner.