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Optikclear Spray Bottle 4 fl. oz. & Premium Lens Cloth

Optikclear Spray Bottle 4 fl. oz. & Premium Lens Cloth

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Optikclear Spray Bottle 4 fl. oz. is great for large touch screens, interior car glass, and mirrors.  

This package includes:

One (1) Optikclear Spray Bottle 4 fl. oz. (118.2 ml)

One (1) Optikclear Premium Lens Cloth 6x5

One (1) Optikclear product card

Optikclear provide the following features.

  • Quickly removes dust, fingerprints, sweat, grease, smudges and debris.
  • Restores clarity to lens and screen (eye-wear, camera, binocular lens, etc) 
  • Cleans plastic lens and screens such as; goggles, safety glasses, visors, and screen protectors. 
  • Removes cigarette smoke haze.
  • Safe for coated lens surfaces, including prescription and polarized lens.
  • Safe for cameras and binocular lens.
  • Pen style design makes it easy to transport in backpacks, tackle box, purses, and pockets for easy cleaning, no matter where you are.
  • Commercial airline TSA friendly.
  • No fumes or odors. Great for those with allergies or sensitive to chemicals. 


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